Health Sciences Library 
Network of Kansas City

We accomplish our mission through our members, who give of their time, talents, skills, and interests to make HSLNKC a vital organization in the greater Kansas City area, and beyond. 

You are encouraged to become involved on a committee as part of your commitment to HSLNKC when joining the organization. When you join HSLNKC, you can express interest in the committees where you would like to serve, or at any time indicate your area of interest to an Officer, or anyone on the Nominating Committee. Candidates for HSLNKC Executive Committee positions are nominated by October 1, and elected annually in November by member vote.
Committee appointments begin in January, and are typically for one year. 

Each chairperson of the four standing committees has specific duties, which include:

  • calling committee meetings when necessary to accomplish assignments;
  • submitting reports of the committee to the network meetings;
  • filling committee vacancies, and report those to the President.

Listed here are the committees and their members:

Bylaws, Policies, Procedures Committee

The Bylaws Committee keeps the organization’s bylaws, policies and procedures up to date. The primary activities are:

  • reviewing the current Bylaws and making recommendations for updates;
  • recording policies developed by the Board of Directors and reconciling them with the Bylaws;
  • assisting officers and committee chairs in recording their procedures for future reference.

The Committee is comprised of a Chair and no fewer than two committee members; all serve a one-year, renewable term.


Kim Carter, Linda Hall Library – Chair

Katie Dayani, Children’s Mercy Hospital

Kitty Serling, Research Medical Center

Joyce Sickel, Shook, Hardy & Bacon

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for providing meaningful, relevant, and timely continuing educational opportunities throughout the year. These may range from formal workshops and classes to informal sharing events. The primary activities are:

  • assessing the continuing education and professional development needs of the members;
  • planning for professional developmental and educational opportunities for the quarterly Membership meetings;
  • ensuring members received MLA or other professional CE credits when awarded.

The Committee is comprised of a Chair and at least two committee members; all serve a one-year term.


Marie Thompson, University of Missouri-Kansas City – Co-Chair

Melanie Church, Cleveland University-Kansas City

Cindi Kerns, Mosaic Life Care – Co-Chair

Kitty Serling, Research Medical Center

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for enlisting competent, eligible, and willing members to stand for election to the four Network officer positions. The Committee also conducts the election. The Committee’s primary activities are:

• recruiting Network members in good standing to fill the network officer positions;

• producing a slate of candidates, and distributing ballots for voting;

• planning and implementing the annual Leadership Orientation and the first meeting of the new Board.

The Committee is comprised of the committee Chair and at least one other member; all serve a one-year, renewable term.

Kitty Serling, Research Medical Center

Lori Fitterling, Kansas City University

Joyce Sickel, Shook, Hardy & Bacon

Professional Activities Committee

The Professional Activities Committee works to recognize, promote, and market the profession of the health sciences librarian. The primary activities are:

• awarding plaques or certificates to individual members and/or their institutions for contributions to the profession and/or their community;

• assisting with the coordination of the network’s participation in professional conferences held in Kansas City;

• participating in other related activities such as mentoring, as appropriate.

The Professional Activities Committee is comprised of the Chair and at least two committee members; all serve a one-year, renewable term.


Simone Briand, Cleveland University-Kansas City, Co-Chair

Dawn McInnis, University of Kansas Medical Center-Clendening Library, Co-Chair

Elizabeth Edson, St. Luke’s Hospital (Kansas City)

Technology Coordinator

The Technology Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the Network’s website. This position is appointed by the President-Elect for a one-year, renewable term. The primary activities are:

• assuring continued access to the Network’s website with the Internet Service Provider;

• collaborating with other officers to keep membership and officers lists updated;

• posting announcements on upcoming meeting and education activities.


Benjy Stein, IQVIA – Coordinator

Joyce Sickel, Shook, Hardy & Bacon – Co-Administrator for website

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